SAS Statistics Foundations​ Learning Subscription

Designed for professionals, data analysts, statisticians and scientists who want to be able to communicate about data more confidently and perform common statistical analysis.

SAS Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning​ Subscription

Want to learn how to predict the future? Predictive analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. This is where SAS excels. Go beyond knowing simply what happened in the past to predicting your best assessment of what will happen in the future.

SAS Text Analytics Learning Subscription

Combining natural language processing, machine learning, and linguistic rules, SAS offers several text analytics tools to help you uncover emerging trends, spot opportunities for action, and unlock the value of unstructured text data.

SAS Social and Behavioral Research​ Learning Subscription

For anyone who wants to gain behavioral analytics skills using SAS that can be applied in the areas of social and behavioral science disciplines like sociology, psychology, education, public policy, marketing, applied behavioral science, and social science.

SAS Marketing Research​ Learning Subscription

Want to learn how to understand your customers and market your business more effectively? SAS provides a wide variety of tools for analyzing market research data. Learn about advanced market research techniques that lead to success.

SAS Biostatistics​ Learning Subscription

For anyone interested in a career focused on improving human health through the application of statistical science. Become well-versed in the tools and methods that you need to analyze, model, and interpret biostatistical data.

SAS Advanced Regression​ Learning Subscription

For experienced statistical analysts, business analysts, researchers, and modelers using SAS/STAT software who want to learn how to apply advanced statistical methods to linear or nonlinear patterns of association in their data.

SAS Advanced Machine Learning Subscription

For machine learning modelers who are well versed in machine learning basics and want to go deeper. These advanced machine learning courses address many different types of models and their applications in artificial intelligence.

SAS Prescriptive Analytics​ Learning Subscription

Prescriptive analytics is a form of data analytics that tries to answer, “What do we need to do to achieve this?” It uses machine learning to help businesses decide a course of action based on predictions. These prescriptive analytics courses are ideal for those who want to develop the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to work as a data scientist.

SAS Forecasting and Econometrics​ Learning Subscription

For forecasters and analysts who want to learn how to generate trustworthy forecasts, either automatically, with less manual intervention, reducing the opportunity for personal bias, or with highly customizable code to obtain the best models possible for your data. Learn how to streamline your forecasting processes in order to focus efforts on the most important, high-value decisions.