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These architecture and security courses are designed for technical architects, administrators, and systems engineers responsible for designing and implementing SAS Viya environments that are secure and fit for purpose.
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About this Subscription

This learning subscription includes the training that you need to gain knowledge and practical experience in the area of technical architecture and security topics on the SAS Viya platform. SAS Viya is deployed within Kubernetes and can be configured in many different ways to meet the security and technical requirements of a customer. Knowing how to design and secure the environment will ultimately ensure that the available resources are configured effectively. Those wanting to work with SAS Viya in a technical architecture or administrative/operations role will benefit from engaging with this content.

Learn how to:
  • Understand the overarching technical architecture of SAS Viya.
  • Identify key architecture considerations when implementing Viya.
  • Identify the factors that exist within a given architecture topic.
  • Identify the patterns that exist for inbound and outbound authentication for users.
  • Configure Viya for each of the authentication patterns.
  • Identify the patterns that exist for encryption in-motion.
  • Configure Viya for each of the encryption patterns.
  • Leverage SAS Workload Orchestrator to manage SAS Compute Server workloads.
  • Use SAS Workload Orchestrator to specify different nodes and nodepools for given workloads.
  • Understand the role of Cloud Data Exchange and the benefits that it can bring to securely accessing data wherever that data is being stored.
  • Understand the role of Cloud Data Exchange to facilitate data access to federated data objects by SAS Cloud Analytic Services and the SAS Compute Server.
  • Understand the architecture and integration of Viya with SingleStore.
  • Deploy Viya with SingleStore.
  • Understand the architecture of SAS Container Runtime on Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Deploy SAS Container Runtime instances into containerized technology on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

No knowledge of SAS Viya usage is required, but it can be helpful. A general background in how computers work or an IT background is recommended. Detailed knowledge of third-party cloud vendor technology is not required, but it might prove beneficial for some of the content.

Courses Included in Subscription



    Advanced Topics in Encryption on SAS Viya
    This workshop covers advanced topics in encryption for the SAS Viya environment. Both encryption in-motion and at-rest will be covered. A general background in encryption protocols and objects is provided before showing how these are applied to the SAS Viya environment. This workshop will provide the details of how encryption can be leveraged in SAS Viya. You will practice implementing changes to the encryption options in a hands-on environment.


    Advanced Topics in Authentication on SAS Viya
    This course covers advanced topics in authentication for SAS Viya. Authentication into, within, and out of the platform will be covered. Third-party protocols will be dealt with initially in separate lessons with follow-on lessons detailing how the third-party protocols are leveraged by SAS Viya.



    SAS Viya Architecture
    This workshop introduces various architecture topics and identifies architecture recommended practices and considerations when preparing for a software deployment on the SAS Viya platform.


    Viya Integration with SingleStore: Architecture and Deployment Guidance
    This course provides content and examples to convey architecture concepts and considerations for the SAS Viya with SingleStore software offering. Hands-on exercises are provided to guide the student to deploy SAS Viya with SingleStore to a Microsoft Azure cloud environment.


    SAS Viya: Cloud Data Exchange
    The SAS Cloud Data Exchange enables SAS users to connect and access data from a co-located database or from an on-premises database. The Cloud Data Exchange enables users to securely exchange on-premises data from behind a firewall to the SAS Viya platform in the cloud. All data transfer/exchange occurs on secured standard-based communications along with sophisticated authentication and authorization. The on-premises data center requires a single port opened through the firewall to facilitate the data exchange.


    SAS Container Runtime: Architecture and Deployment on Azure Cloud
    This course aims to provide key details for architecture and deployment of SAS Container Runtime on Azure based technology.


    Architecture and Administration for SAS Workload Management on SAS Viya
    This course provides an overview of SAS Workload Management on SAS Viya. The workshop examines SAS Workload Orchestrator software and outlines general concepts and usage scenarios, architecture and deployment considerations and administration and monitoring functions. Hands-on exercises are provided for the student to explore SAS Workload Management tasks and features in a SAS Viya environment deployed on Kubernetes.

SAS Products Covered

  • SAS Viya

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Certification Preparation

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“I think the self-paced training was the BEST I’ve ever taken. The videos were short and segmented correctly to keep my attention and the activities and quizzes were just enough to help my confidence.”

Tony Mayo, SAS Customer