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Designed for data scientists who want to learn to apply AI and machine learning to business problems and understand each step of the analytical life cycle.
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About this Subscription

The AI and Machine Learning Professional program is part of the SAS Academy for Data Science and includes five artificial intelligence and machine learning courses. The paid learning subscription also includes 70 hours of cloud software access to practice and the ability to earn five digital course badges in a 12-month license. You will learn essential data science skills, including machine learning, natural language and computer vision, and forecasting and optimization.

Learn how to:
  • Apply the analytical life cycle to business need.
  • Preprocess data and perform feature engineering.
  • Create supervised machine learning models and assess model performance.
  • Deploy models into production.
  • Analyze text and image data to recognize patterns.
  • Define and understand deep learning and build models using computer vision techniques.
  • Use pipelines to generate forecast and select champion pipelines.
  • Identify and solve optimization problems.

  • It is recommended that you have prior programming experience using SAS, Python or R. You can gain programming knowledge in the SAS Programming 1: Essentials course. Candidates should also have some experience with the visual interfaces on the SAS Viya. platform You can learn about those interfaces in the course SAS Visual Statistics in SAS Viya: Interactive Model Building or SAS Visual Analytics 1 for SAS Viya: Basics. It is helpful to have a conceptual understanding of regression models, which you can gain by completing the Statistics 1: Introduction to ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression course. It is also helpful to have a conceptual understanding of neural network models, which you can gain by completing the course Neural Networks: Essentials or Neural Network Modeling.

    Courses Included in Subscription

    SAS Machine Learning Specialist Certification

    • COURSE

      Machine Learning Using SAS® Viya®
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      This course discusses the theoretical foundation for techniques associated with supervised machine learning models. A series of demonstrations and practices is used to reinforce all the concepts and the analytical approach to solving business problems. In addition, a business case study is defined to guide participants through all steps of the analytical life cycle, from problem understanding to model deployment, by illustrating data exploration, data preprocessing, feature selection, model training and validation, model assessment, and scoring. This course is the core of the SAS Viya Data Mining and Machine Learning curriculum. It uses Model Studio, the pipeline flow interface in SAS Viya that enables you to prepare, develop, compare, and deploy advanced analytics models. You learn to train supervised machine learning models to make better decisions on big data.


      Practice Exam: Machine Learning Specialist
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      This Certification is for data scientists who create supervised machine learning models using pipelines in SAS Viya. Successful candidates should be familiar with SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning software and be skilled in tasks such as:

      • Preparing data and feature engineering
      • Creating supervised machine learning models
      • Assessing model performance
      • Deploying models into production

    SAS Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision Specialist Certification

    • COURSE

      SAS® Visual Text Analytics in SAS® Viya®
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      SAS Visual Text Analytics enables you to uncover insights hidden within unstructured data using the combined power of natural language processing, machine learning, and linguistic rules. This course explores the five components of Visual Text Analytics: parsing, concept derivation, topic derivation, text categorization, and sentiment analysis. Documents are parsed and analyzed to reveal dominant themes in the document collection. Sophisticated linguistic queries are constructed to satisfy specific information needs. An integrated solution is developed using information extracted from subject matter expert rules, combined with machine learning results for model and rule-based topics and categories. The course includes hands-on use of SAS Viya in a distributed computing environment.

    • COURSE

      Deep Learning Using SAS® Software
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      This course introduces the pivotal components of deep learning. You learn how to build deep feedforward, convolutional, and recurrent networks. Neural networks are used to solve problems that include traditional classification, image classification, and sequence-dependent outcomes. The course contains a healthy mix of theory and application. Hands-on demonstration and practice problems are included to reinforce key concepts. Hyperparameter search methods are described and demonstrated to find an optimal set of deep learning models. Lastly, transfer learning is covered because the emergence of this field has shown promise in deep learning.


      Practice Exam: Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision Specialist
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      This Certification is for data scientists, text and image analysts, AI specialists and others who analyze text and image data to recognize patterns. Successful candidates are familiar with SAS Model Studio for SAS Viya, SAS Visual Text Analytics, and SAS Data Mining and Machine Learning. They are skilled in tasks such as:

      • Text topic detection
      • Sentiment analysis
      • Image processing
      • Image classification
      • Deep learning with static and dynamic data

    SAS Forecasting and Optimization Specialist Certification

    • COURSE

      Forecasting Using Model Studio in SAS® Viya®
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      This course provides a hands-on tour of the forecasting functionality in Model Studio, a component of SAS Viya. The course begins by showing how to load the data into memory and visualize the time series data to be modeled. Attribute variables are introduced and implemented in the visualization. The course then covers the essentials of using pipelines for generating forecasts and selecting champion pipelines in a project. It also teaches you how to incorporate large-scale forecasting practices into the forecasting project. These include the creation of data hierarchies, forecast reconciliation, overrides, and best practices associated with forecast model selection.

    • COURSE

      Optimization Concepts for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
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      This course focuses on linear, nonlinear, and mixed integer linear optimization concepts in SAS Viya. Students learn how to formulate optimization problems and how to make their formulations efficient by using index sets and arrays. The demonstrations in the course include examples of diet formulation and portfolio optimization. Learn the OPTMODEL procedure and open-source tools to formulate and solve optimization problems.


      Practice Exam: Forecasting and Optimization Using SAS Viya
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      Practice Exam: Forecasting and Optimization Using SAS Viya

    SAS Products Covered

    • SAS Viya
    • SAS Visual Text Analytics
    • SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning
    • SAS Visual Forecasting
    • SAS Optimization

    Digital Badges

    Earn a digital badge for each course that you complete and for each credential that you earn. Show off your achievements on your resume and in your social channels to highlight your skills and connect with potential employers.

    Certification Preparation

    When you complete the courses in this subscription, you will have the demonstrated skills necessary to prepare you to earn the following credentials. After earning all three credentials, you will be awarded the SAS Certified AI and Machine Learning Professional credential.

  • SAS Certified Specialist: Machine Learning Using SAS Viya
  • SAS Certified Specialist: Forecasting and Optimization Using SAS Viya
  • SAS Certified Specialist: Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision Using SAS Viya

  • “I think the self-paced training was the BEST I’ve ever taken. The videos were short and segmented correctly to keep my attention and the activities and quizzes were just enough to help my confidence.”

    Tony Mayo, SAS Customer